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Coccinelle cub rodadou GROCALIN Extra soft towel, of a very good quality and neat finishes. Available in 2 sizes Guarantee to EC standards Washing machine 30 degrees

22,50 €

Lying ladybug, RODADOU GROCALIN Very pretty plush Beetle from the new Rodadou GROCALIN collection, with eyes closed, lying down.Size: 29cm.Washing machine 30 degrees.Guarantee to EC standards.

15,90 €
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Puppet Beetle Rodadou Guarantee to EC standards Height 20cm 100% Polyester Washing machine 30 degrees

13,90 €

Big-eyed Beetle beam RODADOU, extra soft, with bright eyes and a very good quality. Height: 20 cm. Washing machine 30 degrees. Guarantee to EC standards.

10,80 € 13,50 €

RodADOU Beetle Flat Doudou, in a very soft fabric, with embroidered patterns, as well as a tether attachment. Your baby will love it! Diameter: 30cm. Washing machine 30 degrees. Guarantee to EC...

11,50 €
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